About SMEsabi

SMEsabi is a learning platform that gives you access to

* Online courses and a mobile app for e-learning
* Self-learning courses and guided learning courses
* Interactive modules on 5 topics including business model canvas, record-keeping, marketing, business planning and access to finance
* Inspiring stories of Nigerian MSME owners and managers, as well as start-ups.

Taking these courses will go a long way to improve the way SMEs handle businesses.
The SMEsabi courses and modules were developed through the combined work of a team of professional business trainers/coaches and ICT consultants with GIZ-SEDIN support in collaboration with FUT Minna and Lead Resources.

The development of SMEsabi was coordinated by GOPA consultants, as part of a contract to develop interactive training materials for MSMEs and start-ups on behalf of GIZ-SEDIN.

Self Study Program

Start-up Business Training and Coaching Loop (Start-up Loop) is designed to support entrepreneurs in planning.
This program takes you through fundamental courses in entrepreneurship that will enable your efficient and prouctive
starting or scaling of your business.

You will be taking courses such as Business Model Canvas, Business Planning, market and Marketing, Acess to Finance
and Record Keeping.

After the completon of these courses, you will take a programme assessment which grants you access to a certificate as
well as ability to make profitable entrepreneurship decisions.