Simply click on register on the SMEsabi website or visit http://www.smesabi.com/lms/login/index.php to register and start learning.

To watch the Pidgin version click here.

To watch the Hausa version click here.

Any smartphone or laptop.

Check also in your spam folders.

Click on “Forgot Password?” on the login page or visit https://www.smesabi.com/lms/login/forgot_password.php to reset your password.

No, but you can download the official moodle app which works with SMEsabi. For android users and iOS users.

Step 1: Input the website address under your site (smesabi.com/lms) after you open the app.

Step 2: Input your username and password in the field provided.

Step 3: On successful login, you will see your course overview.

Yes, you can download and browse the downloaded course contents/resources offline.
Under the course overview, on a course card click the 3 icons as indicated on the image below, then click download.
You can now access any downloaded course even when offline.

No, you cannot take an assessment offline.

Affiliation/course has been removed from SMEsabi. Simply Send a message via email or WhatsApp to the support services so you can be enrolled in the 50MAWSP Course.

At the dashboard on your left, click on the course overview, select your course, and enrol yourself.

No, you have to do the lessons before you can attempt the module assessment.

Yes, you get a copy in your email.

Simply click on the 'certificate of achievement', view it and download your certificate.

At the dashboard on your left, click on the course overview, select the new course, and enrol yourself.